SA Feeds

For more than 10 years, the crew at Sustainable Aquatics has been raising saltwater fish and invertebrates on our campus in Jefferson City, TN. To breed and raise the healthiest animals, we start with quality feeds, including live feeds.

After numerous discussions with hobbyists and professionals involved in the marine aquarium and aquaculture industries, we are taking the suggestion to share our live feeds seriously and making these available for purchase. This story is reminiscent of our SA Hatchery Diet, a product developed for use in the hatchery and made available to customers after frequent inquiries about what we feed our fish and what we suggest others use to maintain color, health, and growth in their SA fish. All of the products described here are available at your favorite retailer or at The Coral Reef in Jefferson City, TN or online at We are able to offer pure, clean, and healthy cultures of various organisms for multiple uses. Some can be used to inoculate starter cultures, while some can be used directly as feeds.