SA’s Podnip Copepod Food

SA’s Podnip:

SA’s Podnip copepod food contains ingredients specifically selected to grow healthy, vibrant copepod cultures; it is especially useful when culturing Apocyclops, Tisbe, and Tigriopus copepod species. Copepods fed on SA’s Podnip will be a nutritious food for fish.  SA’s Podnip was developed and tested in SA’s hatchery and is used in operations for large-scale copepod culture.

SA’s Advantage:

SA’s Podnip is formulated using human food-grade ingredients, processed in a dedicated facility, and offered in a powdered format sized appropriately for copepods.


SA’s Podnip can be fed directly to the copepod culture tank as a nutritious food. Sprinkle on surface or mix in a small amount of saltwater before pouring into culture tank.

Copepod Culture:

Copepods can be cultured in a simple bucket or aquarium with an airstone and clean saltwater. Feed with small amounts of SA’s Podnip and/or SA’s Premium Reef Blend several times weekly and change water weekly.


Store Podnip refrigerated. Shelf life is approximately one year.


Dried algaes, marine proteins, nutritional yeast, rice bran, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, brewer’s yeast, taurine, soy lecithin, potato starch, calcium carbonate.