Rolland’s Damselfish

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Chrysiptera rollandi

Chrysiptera rollandi (Whitley, 1961) is commonly referred to as either the Rolland’s damselfish or Rolland’s Demoiselle in the marine aquarium trade.  Rolland’s demoiselle can be found in two color variants including one with yellow extending above the eye to the first few dorsal fin rays followed by a bluish black band and finally white.  The other variant includes simply a bluish black band taking up the front half of the body followed by white with vibrant blue spotting and streaks on the head.  Like most members of the damselfish family, they are quite hardy and will do well in either fish only or reef aquariums. Their smaller size and hardiness make them an ideal candidate for both beginners and experienced aquarists.  It is best to simulate their natural habitat in the aquarium by providing plenty of live rock to hide amongst.  For those opting for a reef aquarium these damsels are typically found foraging around large heads of Acropora sp, so branching corals would be a great option to pair with this fish. At the Sustainable Islands Project, they are quarantined to ensure proper health and transitioned to prepared foods before being offered for sale.  They are fed 2-3 times daily a mixed diet of our Hatchery Diet, live nauplii brine, frozen Mysis shrimp, and spirulina brine shrimp. 

Physical Description- The Rolland’s demoiselle comes in two color variants.  One with yellow from the top of the head extending back to the dorsal fin followed by bluish black and white.  The other variant lacks the yellow all together and is half bluish black and the rest white with small vibrant blue spotting around the head.

Temperament- Like other damsels it is considered semi-aggressive.  It is best housed in aquariums 29 gallons or greater to provide ample space.  Smaller aquariums generally with cause territorial issues and increase the aggression of the species.  Rolland’s demoiselle does great in both fish only with rock and reef settings if provided with plenty of places to hide.

Size- At 7.5cm or about 3 inches max, Rolland’s demoiselles are an average sized damselfish.  

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Diet– They are fed 2-3 times daily a mixed diet of our Hatchery Diet, live nauplii brine, frozen Mysis shrimp, and spirulina brine shrimp.

Distribution- Rolland’s demoiselle are found in both the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans.  They range from the Andaman Sea north to the Philippines and south to the Great Barrier Reef and New Caledonia.