Striped Fang Blenny

  • Species Information

SA Striped Fang BlennyThe tank-bred striped fang blenny is an excellent and active candidate for a tropical reef or fish-only saltwater aquarium of 30 gallons or more. Going by the common names grammistes blenny, striped blenny, striped poison-fang blenny, line-spot harptail blenny, striped fangblenny, and, in Japan, hige-nijiginpo, this small fish (to 4.3 in/11 cm) is one of the more popular species in the genus owing to its widespread distribution. It is both an attractive and interesting animal that—despite possessing both fangs and venom—should prove a mild-mannered resident in a community tank.

While this species is one of the so-called saber-toothed or fanged blennies, it does not pose a serious danger to either the aquarist or other animals in the aquarium unless the animal is very similar in shape and size.

Hailing from the tropical Western Pacific, the striped fang blenny is a semi-aggressive fish often found in protected lagoons and seaward reefs, where it is generally solitary. The dandy blenny (Petroscirtes breviceps) in known to mimic the striped fang blenny. Unless the system is very large (or the aquarist is experienced enough to provide the appropriate husbandry), only one striped fang blenny should be housed in an aquarium.

Like all blennies from the genus Meiacanthus, this blenny is a planktivore and benefits from a varied diet with plenty of meaty options offered two or three times per day. While a mature aquarium with plenty of live rock will provide natural feeding opportunities, all Sustainable Aquatics tank-bred fishes are weaned onto captive dry foods such as the Sustainable Aquatics Dry Hatchery Diet.