Disco Blenny

  • Species Information
  • Scientific Name:Meiacanthus smithii
  • Family:Blenniidae
  • Origin:Captive Bred
  • Temperament:Semi-aggressive
  • Maximum Size:3.3"
  • Ideal Tank Size:>10 Gallons

Physical Description– the disco blenny is similar to the forktail (Meiacanthus atrodorsalis), sharing the same “cat’s eye” markings. It is commonly found in protected lagoons and coastal reefs, where it lives solitarily or in adult pairs. The appropriately-names imposter blenny (Plagiotremus phenax) mimics the disco blenny to gain an advantage in the wild. 

Temperament– Sometimes called the white blenny, Smith’s fangblenny or Smith’s harptail blenny, the disco blenny—like all fang blennies—does indeed possess fangs, which can deliver a small amount of venom. Nonetheless, this attractive fish makes a good tankmate in most peaceful to semi-aggressive reef or fish-only systems. This is because the fang blennies from the genus Meiacanthus use their fangs primarily in defense, so they pose little risk to other peaceful and semi-aggressive fishes. The one exception may be if this fish is housed with another member of its species or a fish similar in size, shape and color. In the aquarium, only one disco blenny should be kept per system unless the tank is very large or the aquarist has the requisite skill to provide appropriate husbandry.

Size– 3.3″

Diet– Like all blennies from the genus Meiacanthus, this blenny is a planktivore and benefits from a varied diet with plenty of meaty options offered two or three times per day. While a mature aquarium with plenty of live rock will provide natural feeding opportunities, all Sustainable Aquatics tank-bred fishes are weaned onto captive dry foods such as the Sustainable Aquatics Dry Hatchery Diet.

Distribution– West Pacific

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