Bundoon Blenny

  • Species Information

This gorgeous, tank-bred bundoon blenny is a small, hardy tropical saltwater aquarium fish (to about 3.1 in/8 cm) that should do well in a community reef or fish-only system. With its attractive lyretail and near-neon stripe, this active fish is an aquarist favorite. Like all members of the genus Meiacanthus, the bundoon blenny possesses sharp fangs and venom which it only employees in defense. As such, the bundoon blenny does not pose a threat to most fishes in a peaceful or semi-aggressive community tank. The only exception may be if a bundoon blenny is housed with a fish that is very similar in shape, size and color. In most cases, only one member of this genus should be kept in an aquarium to avoid unnecessary aggression.

Originating from the Central Pacfic, the bundoon blenny is commonly found close to the bottom where it hunts zooplankton. It is very similar in appearance to the Tongan green blenny (Meiacanthus tongaensis) to which it is closely related. Like all blennies from the genus Meiacanthus, this blenny is a planktivore and benefits from a varied diet with plenty of meaty options offered two or three times per day. While a mature aquarium with plenty of live rock will provide natural feeding opportunities, all Sustainable Aquatics tank-bred fishes are weaned onto captive dry foods such as the Sustainable Aquatics Dry Hatchery Diet.