Coral Beauty Angelfish

  • Species Information
  • Scientific Name:Centropyge bispinosa
  • Family:Pomacanthidae
  • Origin:Fiji, Indonesia, Vanuatu
  • Temperament:Semi-aggressive
  • Maximum Size:4"
  • Ideal Tank Size:>70 gallons

Centropyge bispinosus

The Coral Beauty Angelfish, Centropyge bispinosus (Gunther, 1860) is, as its name implies, a beautiful coral reef fish.  It is among the most popular of the dwarf angelfish, as it is surprisingly easy to care for and commonly collected. The coral beauty prefers tanks with ample places to hide, as it is quite timid in many cases. In addition to its visual appeal, the coral beauty can also help keep nuisance algae at bay, but they are not necessarily “reef safe,” as they have been known to pick on coral polyps.

Physical description: The coral beauty adults may reach up to 4” in length. Their coloration is a dark blue along the outline of their body, orange in the center, and yellow on their pectoral fins.

Temperment: Though relatively non-aggressive, the coral beauty may display territorial aggression in tanks of insufficient size. The coral beauty may be unsuitable for aquariums with sessile invertebrates or stony corals with polyps, as it may pick at them.

Diet: The coral beauty is an omnivore consuming both meaty foods and marine algae and should be offered a varied diet in the aquarium.

Distribution: Found throughout the Indo-Pacific along seaward reef faces in depths up to 60 meters.