Bicolor Angelfish

  • Species Information
  • Scientific Name:Centropyge bicolor
  • Described:Bicolor Angelfish
  • Temperament:Somewhat skittish
  • Maximum Size:up to 15cm

Centropyge bicolor

The bicolor angelfish, Centropyge bicolor (Bloch, 1787) is a stunning fish that is sure to bring life to any aquarist’s tank. Provided adequate nooks and crevices to hide, this gorgeous fish will be right at home and spend its time in the open in the lower regions of its tank.

Physical Description– The bicolor angelfish is a beautiful combination of vibrant blues and yellows. Its anterior is primarily yellow with blue baring above the eyes, while the posterior is blue except for the tailfin.

Temperament– Somewhat skittish. They may show aggression towards others of the same species if kept in a small aquarium. The bicolor angelfish may potentially nip at sessile invertebrates; as such it may not be advisable to keep in tanks with them.

Size– It is among the largest of the Centropyge, with adults reaching sizes up to 15cm.

Diet– Spirulina as well as small crustaceans such as Mysis

Distribution– Found throughout the Indo-pacific along seaward facing reef slops and in crevices created by rubble etc.