Red Sand Conch

  • Species Information
  • Scientific Name:Strombus luhuanus
  • Described:Red Sand Conch
  • Temperament:Peaceful
  • Maximum Size:3 inches

Strombus luhuanus

Strombus luhuanus is a conch that goes by several common names in the marine aquarium industry including strawberry conch, orange lipped conch, or red sand conch.  We offer these excellent snails as red sand conchs because they spend most of their time in the sand bed feeding on detritus and algae that accumulates beneath the substrate and have a beautiful reddish orange inner shell lip.  The shell is a smooth conical shape, pink to white in color, with brown banding. Adults have a recognizable pair of notches found at the top and bottom of the outer shell lip, but juveniles lack this characteristic making them look like a member of the cone shells, a venomous genus of snails.   The red sand conch has well developed eyes that extend on eye stalks and can be seen as it scavenges throughout the aquarium.  These snails grow to lengths of 7cm or right around 3 inches and will do well in both reef and fish only marine aquariums.

Temperament– This conch will spend much of its time in the sand bed devouring detritus and algae and is safe for both reef and fish only aquariums.  It will not disturb other fish, inverts, or corals but may be preyed on by puffers, triggers, and possibly larger hermit crabs that want the conch’s shell.

Size-Growing to a maximum of 3 inches in length the red sand conch is an average sized snail. 

Diet– They feed on detritus and algae that accumulates beneath the substrate.

Distribution-Found in the western Indo-Pacific notably around Australia and Papua New Guinea in sea grass beds.