Emerald Crab

  • Species Information
  • Scientific Name:Mithraculus sculptus
  • Described:Emerald Crab
  • Temperament:Peaceful
  • Maximum Size:2.5 inches

Mithraculus sculptus

Another must have for any clean-up crew, the Emerald Crab, Mithraculus sculptus is an excellent addition to nearly any tank.  Provided enough rockwork, this crab will scavenge many varieties of nuisance algae, particularly bubble algae, that grows in most tanks. It is reef safe, and peaceful towards other tank inhabitants.

Physical Description– The Emerald Crab is known for their emerald-green shell, hairy legs, and long claws used for picking algae and other organic debris.

Temperament– Though generally peaceful, this crab has been known to go after corals, small fish, and other invertebrates if not properly fed.

Size– This crab grows up to 2.5 inches.

Diet– Algae is the main diet of this crab, and will constantly pick through the rockwork, keeping growth to a minimum.  It is recommended to supplement this crab with algae and other enriched foods if enough is not readily available.

Distribution– The Emerald Crab is found throughout the Caribbean.