Two Little Fishies SeaElements® helps maintain natural seawater levels of
important trace and minor elements in aquariums. It corrects deficiencies that occur in aquariums, but unlike other supplements, it does not promote the accumulation of excess elements, which can be harmful.

Natural Seawater differs in several respects from the seawater in most home aquariums. Some trace elements in artificial seawater exceed natural seawater levels by a large margin. Other elements may be absent or deficient in artificial seawater, and some present in artificial seawater are rapidly depleted in aquariums. Because some trace elements accumulate in aquariums due to food inputs and other sources, the formula for an ideal supplement should not contain all important trace elements. It should contain only those that are depleted.

The formula of SeaElements is the result of analysis of the changes in seawater chemistry that occur in aquariums with varying degrees of water exchange, feeding regimes, and composition of plants and growing invertebrates. Analysis of the effect on the water chemistry of weekly supplementation in aquariums using standard recommended stocking levels and water exchange, produced a formula that could, within the recommended dosing range, effectively provide these essential elements without causing dramatic shifts in water chemistry or accumulations of excess elements. Natural chelating agents are used to help maintain the different elements in solution. These do not accumulate in the aquarium as they are readily decomposed by naturally occurring bacteria in the aquarium.