Fritz pH Neutralizer 8oz Jar

About pH Neutralizer

Maintaining a balanced, stable pH is vital to the health of aquarium livestock and efficiency of the bio-filter. The pH of an aquarium can fluctuate due to biological and/or chemical activity within the aquarium. Often, the pH of a new system tends to measure at a higher pH value and subsequently drops as the system ages. pH Neutralizer adjusts high and low pH values to a level at which most freshwater community fish and plants thrive and reproduce, 7.0 pH. pH Neutralizer also removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia.

Directions & Dosage

Use when setting up new aquariums, adding water or when making pH adjustments to existing aquariums.
Measure one level teaspoon of Fritz pH Neutralizer for every 10 gallons.
Retreat as needed.
Dosage may be safely doubled if needed.
Although Fritz pH Neutralizer can be added directly to aquarium environment at any time, best results are achieved by pre dissolving in new or replacement water prior to adding to aquarium.