Nano Aquarium Heater with Thermostat NH-25W

*NOTE- Does not fit in Pisces Filter Boxes. Use PCS-25W or 15W in the search bar for correct heater 

The compact design allows for versatile placement in small aquariums, and each unit has a built-in electronic thermostat preset to 78˚ F for precise temperature-controlled accuracy of ± 1.8˚ F. When the target temperature of the heater has been achieved, the unit will shut down and stop heating the water. Constructed from reinforced plastic, the NH Series Heater is unbreakable under normal working conditions, plus built-in suction cups allow quick and easy installation. May the NH Heater help keep your aquatic creatures warm!

*For Freshwater use- Heater must be fully submerged.

*For Saltwater use- Top clear black plastic portion should be partially above the water line.