BREZA AC/DC-PLUS Battery Powered Air Pump

Aquatop’s BREZA AC/DC-PLUS Air Pump is an essential piece of equipment for aquarists of all levels. With the included AC power supply, the AC/DC-PLUS can be used as a standard aquarium air pump, but also offers an ingenious design which combines an AC power failure sensor with integral back-up battery power! In the unfortunate event of a power outage or when the standard electrical connection is lost, the AC/DC-PLUS automatically switches over to back-up battery power when the AC power sensor cord is plugged in, providing a temporary lift support system for your aquatic creatures. The BREZA AC/DC-PLUS’ versatile design also makes it a portable air pump, perfect for fish bait buckets or for transporting aquatic creatures. The BREZA AC/DC-PLUS Air Pump will help keep your fish alive and healthy each day and will protect your aquarium’s inhabitants during a power outage, even if you’re not around to turn it on.