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AQUATOP SAQ-4854 SkyAqua 48 to 54 Inch Adjustable LED with 3 Position Toggle Switch

The SkyAqua Series raises the bar for aquarium keepers by combining style and technology. Each specially engineered lighting system mimics the shimmer of natural sunlight, produces minimal heat, offers a fanless design for pin drop silence, and provides general illumination for your aquatic organisms. With their adjustable wire leg mounts, each SkyAqua LED light can fit on virtually any tank size for a quick, low profile installation.


Model: SAQ-4854

Wattage: 34W


Lumens: 450

Voltage: 110-240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

For Aquariums: Fits 48″-54″

Color Temperature: White 6500K

Par: >50 at 12″

Wave Length: Red 660NM Blue 460NM

UL and CUL Listed