SA Live Marine Rotifers – Brachionus manjavacas

SA’s Rotifers: 
Rotifers reproduce quickly and are naturally found in diverse habitats where they have adapted to tolerate wide ranges in temperature, oxygen, and salinity, making them robust in culture.

SA’s Advantage:
SA’s Brachionus manajavacas Rotifers are maintained in clean, single-species cultures. This hardy strain was initially collected in the Azov Sea region of Russia and has been cultured in the laboratory since 1983. SA’s Rotifers are fed a high-quality diet of phytoplankton, ensuring that you are getting the best rotifers available!

SA’s Rotifers can be used directly to feed fishes, corals, and filter-feeding  invertebrates. SA’s Rotifers can also be cultured for use in fish breeding, as they are at the SA Hatchery.

For direct feeding, SA Rotifers can be added directly into the aquarium, where they will be consumed by the aquarium inhabitants. For feeding larvae, add rotifers to rearimg tank several times daily.

Culture and Storage:
SA’s Rotifers can be cultured in a bucket or aquarium with an airstone and clean saltwater. Feed with small amounts of SA’s Nanno daily and change water twice weekly. Store rotifers in the refrigerator to slow their metabolism and extend shelf-life

(50-200 Microns)