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SA Marine Polychaetes – Live Marine Bristleworms

SA’s Marine Polychaetes: Eurythoe complanata is a marine polychaete worm commonly known as the “Bristleworm,” names for the numerous setae, or bristles, that cover the sides of their bodies. They are an important part of both captive and wild reef systems. Bristleworms live in the substrate and within rocks and emerge at night to forage for food. They can reproduce sexually for by fragmentation.

SA’s Advantage:   SA’s Marine Polychaetes are maintained in clean systems with calcareous substrate. They are fed a high-quality diet of SA’s Hatchery Diet and frozen feeds, ensuring that you are getting the healthiest worms available.

Use: SA’s Marine Polychaetes can be added to the aquarium, where a population can establish and reproduce to provide the aquarium with a continuous supply of nutritious food and provide a service as part of the  “Clean-Up Crew.” At SA, we use bristleworms in the broodstock aquariums, where they stir the sand and provide the occasional treat for hungry fishes. They feed on uneaten fish food, fish wastes, algae, and detritus. SA’s Marine Polychaetes, along with SA’s Amphipods, are a great way to cycle a new aquarium in lieu of fish

Some aquarium inhabitants may feed on bristleworms. such as dottybacks, clownfishes, several species of wrasses, arrow crabs, and banded coral shrimps. If desired, the population of bristleworms can be reduced by decreased feeding and/or manual removal.

SA’s Marine Polychaetes are harvested from our broodstock systems and bottled with clean saltwater and bit of substrate before being flushed with oxygen and sealed. They can be stored in the bottle without feeding or aeration for several days.

Caution: SA’s Marine Polychaetes can be irritating to the skin if handled.