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SA’s ®Live Marine Phytoplankton – Premium Reef Blend

Whether you are a researcher and need food for bivalves or reef hobbyists and want factual information concerning product effectiveness, you really should read the following research article;

Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook University, 2006
Pales Espinosa E., Allam B. (2006). Comparative growth and survival of juvenile hard clams, Mercenaria mercenaria, fed commercially available diets. Zoo Biology 25: 513-525. pdf

It has taken years of research to find species of algae and diatoms that survive storage while retaining their nutritional value. Unfortunately, as illustrated in the above research article, the species used for commercial bivalve culture become almost worthless once they are removed from actively growing culture and placed into refrigerated storage. This is why SA’s does not contain Isochrysis, Pavlova, Tetraselmis and several other species promoted as ingredients in other phytoplankton products.

Live phytoplankton is food for many inhabitants of reef aquariums
Including; Soft corals, clams, scallops, feather duster worms, tunicates, copepods along with many sand bed inhabitants and most invertebrate larvae which are food for stony corals.

One of the most important effects of regularly feeding live phytoplankton to your reef aquarium is the increased population of copepods and invertebrate larvae which is prey for corals along with some fish which selectively feed on copepods.
It is a fact that copepods are on live rock so they are in your reef aquarium from the beginning. Feeding your reef aquarium phytoplankton is more effective in increasing the population of copepods than buying jars of copepods.

SA’s is Concentrated and cleaned Live Marine Phytoplankton

Cleaned for aquarium use:
Marine phytoplankton is cultured in a solution of saltwater containing nutrients and metals that are required for phytoplankton growth. In other words, saltwater with a special fertilizer to make the solution called f/2 culture media.
When phytoplankton is harvested, a residue of nutrients, metals and metabolic by-products remains in the culture media. The net effect is that nutritious phytoplankton cells are in some really dirty saltwater that you do not want to contaminate your aquarium with.

Concentrated for value:
The value of a phytoplankton product as a food for your reef animals is the phytoplankton cells and not the volume of saltwater they are packaged in. SA’s Live Marine Phytoplankton is about 20 times the cell density of other brands of packaged live phytoplankton.

Sales Policy:
Innovative Marine Aquaculture sells only to retail aquarium stores, distributors, public aquariums, Universities and research laboratories. Please check our store locator or call your local aquarium stores. There are also online retailers who carry SA’s Live Marine Phytoplankton.