The Brown Banded Bamboo Shark

  • Species Information
  • Scientific Name:Chiloscyllium punctatum
  • Described:Long, slender, and moderately flat body in line with other catsharks.
  • Origin:Captive Bred
  • Reef Compatability:Compatible
  • Temperament:Peaceful
  • Maximum Size:3.5 Feet
  • Ideal Tank Size:>180 Gallons

Sustainable Aquatics Brown Banded Bamboo Shark

 The Brownbanded Bamboo Shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum

The Brownbanded Bamboo Shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum, Müller & Henle, 1838) is a gorgeous example of the sharks that may be kept by a dedicated aquarist. This species is found in tidal pools and along coral reefs reaching depths of up to 85 meters. Adults may be kept in tanks with a minimum capacity of 180 gallons like most cat sharks, this species is primarily nocturnal, so shaded areas should be provided. Their diets should consist of meaty invertebrates and small marine fish.

Physical description- The Brownbanded Bamboo shark has a long, slender, and moderately flat body in line with other catsharks. Its pectoral and pelvic fins assist in “crawling” along the seabed and over live rock. They possess the barbels, a sensory organ that gives the appearance of whiskers. Juveniles bear a distinctive pale to dark bar coloration that fades to a more subdued brown on a light brown pattern. Adults may reach lengths up to 3.5 feet.

Temperament- The Brownbanded Bamboo shark is relatively docile, and should not be kept with an aggressive feeder. Small invertebrates and marine fish may be at risk in the same tank. They should also not be kept with triggers and puffers as they can potentially damage the shark’s fins.

Distribution- This species is found throughout the indo-pacific from Japan to northern Australia along coral reefs and shallow tidal pools. They may be found in depths up to 85 meters.

Nutritional note- This species requires iodine supplements to prevent the development of goiter disease.