Platinum Clown

  • Species Information
  • Scientific Name:Amphiprion percula
  • Family:Pomacentridae
  • Origin:Captive Bred
  • Reef Compatability:Compatible
  • Temperament:Semi-aggressive
  • Maximum Size:3.2"
  • Ideal Tank Size:>30 Gallons

Amphiprion percula

The SA Platinum Clown is an almost all-white with a stunning appearance. These fish result from an increasing selection for unique patterns in “Picasso” percula clowns.The Platinum clown variety is found primarily in the Pacific and Indian Ocean near Papua New Guinea, northwest Australia, southeast Asia and Japan, but do not overlap with the range of Amphiprion Ocellaris to the west. Platinum clowns can grow to up to 3.2 inches and have a territorial temperament, but are quiet and peaceful within their territory.